Austin Aquaplex

Creedmoor, TX

Aquaplex is a private residential community just outside of Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to recreational and competitive waterskiing. Aquaplex was designed to accommodate competition water skiing at the “World Record” level. It was built in 1985 on a 60-acre site with dual lakes of approximately 36 acres. The Lake level is maintained by run-off from a 1600 acre watershed. A lake length of 2500 feet provides generous set-ups for each of the 2 record capability slalom courses and jump course. Lake widths range from 250 to 330 feet while lake depth is in the 8 to 10 foot range. Shorelines are sloped at a 10:1 ratio to eliminate rollback of boat wakes into the courses. Every skier knows that water is a little different everywhere. Some ski very fast, others seem overly slow. The physical properties of the water itself can make a big difference in the quality of skiing performances as the actual design of the shorelines and set-ups. Aquaplex enjoys a reputation for “easy” water.

The lakes are privately owned and managed by the Homeowners Association and are only usable by owners of lake lots and their guests. There are a total of 23 lots/homes.

Contact Us

Mike Hamilton


President, APHOA


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